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Catch Dave Live!

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Special Delivery

Kennett Brewing Company, 109 S Broad St, Kennett Square, PA

More funk n soul with Special Delivery!  Let's have some fun during the holidays!




Limestone BBQ and Bourbon, 2062 Limestone Rd, Wilmington, DE

Love this great venue - awesome food, great staff and atmosphere.  We had a blast last time and we're back from more! Hurry down to the corner of rt 7 and Rt2!



Jazz at the Market

PDX @ The Market at Liberty Place, 148 W State St, Kennett Square, PA

Live jazz and seasonal classics!  C'mon out and have some fun!


Host Baby
Great Site for Web Hosting! Reasonable rates, easy to use, and great service.
PG Music...makers of band in a box.
Band-in-a-box...if you want to feel like you're practicing with a band, this will do it...easily generates chorus after chorus with enough diversity to not bring on boredom...much better than any loop or sequencing software, and blows away play-along books.
This place ROCKS...type in a famous musician or song, and it will stream music of lesser known players in similar style! Very cool way to find out about players you like!
Taylor's Music
West Chester Music Store...Check it out if you need equipment, tips, or want to take up a new instrument!
Philly Jazz!
Great resource about all things jazz in the philly area!