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Special Delivery

Kennett Brewing Company, 109 S Broad St, Kennett Square, PA

More funk n soul with Special Delivery!  Let's have some fun during the holidays!




Limestone BBQ and Bourbon, 2062 Limestone Rd, Wilmington, DE

Love this great venue - awesome food, great staff and atmosphere.  We had a blast last time and we're back from more! Hurry down to the corner of rt 7 and Rt2!



Jazz at the Market

PDX @ The Market at Liberty Place, 148 W State St, Kennett Square, PA

Live jazz and seasonal classics!  C'mon out and have some fun!


All pdf and mp3's are provided free for educational purposes!  Enjoy!   A Few More Miles to Go is an original based on the changes to standards So What and Impressions (Dminor) Bb_Jazz_Practice_A_Few_More_Miles.pdf C_Jazz_Practice_A_Few_More_Miles.pdf Eb_Jazz_Practice_A_Few_More_Miles.pdf Jazz_Practice_A_Few_More_Miles_x5.mp3 Autumn Like is an original based on changes to the standard Autumn Leaves (in Bb) Bb_Jazz_Practice_Autumn_Like.pdf C_Jazz_Practice_Autumn_Like.pdf Eb_Jazz_Practice_Autumn_Like.pdf Jazz_Practice_Autumn_Like_x5.mp3   Metro Paris is an original that works exclusively with a minor ii-V-i feel and minor blues colors (F minor) Bb_Jazz_Practice_Metro_Paris.pdf C_Jazz_Practice_Metro_Paris.pdf Eb_Jazz_Practice_Metro_Paris.pdf Jazz_Practice_Metro_Paris_x5.mp3   Moonlit Night is an original based on the changes to How High the Moon (in G) Bb_Jazz_Practice_Moonlit_Night.pdf C_Jazz_Practice_Moonlit_Night.pdf Eb_Jazz_Practice_Moonlit_Night.pdf.pdf Jazz_Practice_Moonlit_Night.mp3  ” - Renz

— Practice Improv with these Charts, Backing Tracks and Guides!