Should You be Paying for Private Lessons?

You decide: That depends on what your child is getting out of it, and most importantly, what they are putting into it! Ideally, your child should be practicing (not just playing!) daily. To get the most out of lessons, you should be able to recognize a clear practice routine. If you don't know what a good practice looks like, ask your child. If they can't tell you, sit down with them and read through the article with that title. If after a few weeks you still don't recognize a routine in your child's playing habits, you may want to reconsider your investment. THIS IS NOT TO SAY YOUR CHILD SHOULD STOP PLAYING! It simply might mean that they are still just exploring, rather than committed to the instrument. I didn't start studying privately until 10th grade. I just played alot and progressed just fine. But when I decided to take lessons, I also decided to commit to the 3-6 hours a week (which grew to 10-20 hours a week within a year!) that it required to make it worth the investment. If you are on the fence, call me, and I'll give you my honest assessment based on what you tell me about their habits at home and performance at lessons! The following article might help. Ideally I would like all my students to be at minimum "doggy paddling" with "freestyle" being the norm.

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